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Fred Walter, an aeronautics engineer, founded Thermo Electric Co. in 1941 to produce a thermocouple sensor for the aircraft industry. Its mission was to become a leading manufacturer of high quality thermocouple sensors. Its first significant customer was Curtis Wright, the airplane parts manufacturer. The company manufactured sensors for them through the war years and prospered as the demand for planes grew dramatically. The company struggled to keep up with demand in part because they were unable to buy the wire they required. Thermocouple sensors require a very high quality, accurately calibrated wire. The company concluded that by developing its own wire manufacturing facility it would be able to control the wire quality, resulting in more control over the quality of the company’s final product. The goal was to provide the sensor division with a significant competitive advantage. As a result, in the late 1940’s the company started to develop its wire manufacturing business.

In the 1960’s Thermo Electric Co. started to manufacture sensors for power plants and petrochemical plants, in addition to serving the aircraft industry. As the sensor business grew and diversified into servicing new industries, the wire and cable division grew in size and scope with it.

In 1967 the wire and cable business was split from the sensor business and made into an independently managed division. The wire and cable division developed into a prosperous business unit of the parent company, and in the 1980’s Thermo Electric Co. expanded the product line. Management increased the range of thermocouple wire sold and developed new technologies to meet the demands of the various industries that the company served. The company began to gain a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality, most accurately calibrated wire in the industry.

Thermo Electric Co. Inc. sold the Wire & Cable Division in March 1999 to an independent buyout group. In 2007 the Marmon Group, seeing an opportunity to enhance its extensive businesses, including it many holdings in the wire and cable business, purchased 100% ownership of the company and renamed it TE Wire & Cable LLC.

In 2008 the Marmon Group and TE Wire & Cable became part of the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies.

Present State, Future Promise: Innovation through Synergy

Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable ( is a USD $800 million member of the Marmon Group and a Berkshire/Hathaway Company.

Marmon EWC specializes in the design of wire & cable for harsh environments in the oil & gas, nuclear, rolling stock, rapid transit and transit infrastructure, mining, utility, aerospace, and military industries internationally. Marmon EWC companies are the technical leaders in engineered products resistant to the effects of chemical, extreme temperature, radiation, moisture, corrosion, fire and other use hazards; providing optimal effectiveness under conditions where competitors cables fail to perform.

Marmon EWC consists of 14 companies, 1,700 employees worldwide, and a dedicated Research, Development & Innovation Center in Connecticut, USA. Marmon EWC differentiates itself in the industry by working with end users to solve application-engineering problems with a combination of electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering professionals unparalleled in the industry. To learn more, download your FREE Innovation Through Synergy brochure.

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