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FEP Fluoropolymer Thermocouple Extension Cable 6-70

FEP Fluoropolymer Thermocouple Extension Cable

Individual and Overall Shield

FEP twisted individual and overall shielded instrumentation cable is ideal for applications where the environment ambient temperatures can spike over the limit of conventional PVC or XLPE cables. The twisting of the conductor and the Aluminum/polyester taper shield provides protection against cross talk, static and magnetic noise in instrumentation circuits. Conductors are insulated with color-coded FEP, then twisted and shielded with individual tin/copper drain wire. Next, an Aluminum Mylar tape is wrapped around the wires with a tin/copper drain wire, followed by a final layer of overall FEP jacket. The cable can be supplied in a UL listed design CL2, CL3, PLTC or ITC.

Available Options
Ordering Code
    • New Plant Constructions
    • Utilities and Industrial Plants
    • Petrochemical Plants
    • Testing Rig set up
    • Thermocouple Circuits
    • Agricultural Industry
    • FDA Approved Applications
    • Suitable for 300 Volt Applications
    • Metal Overbraid
    • SWA Armor (20 AWG & larger)
    • Sunlight Resistant
    • Passes IEEE 383 Flame Test
    • Passes VW-1 Flame Test
    • Special Color Codes
    • UL Listed CL2, CL3, PLTC or ITC constructions are also Available
    • Available in thermocouple and special limits extension grade
    • PFA +500F (+260C) is also available
    • Continuous use  -328F (200C) to +400F (+200C)
    • Flame Retardant
    • Excellent Dielectric Strength
    • Good Moisture, Chemical and Solvent  Resistance
    • 100% Continuous Drain/Shield Contact
  • Conductors: Solid or stranded  bare or tinned copper

    Insulation: Nominal .010″ (.25mm) flame retardant extruded fluoropolymer FEP

    Color Code: Black and White (other colors available)

    Construction: Twisted pairs

    Pair Identification: Numbered polyester tapes

    Individual Shield: .00135″ (.03mm) aluminum/polyester tape, 25% overlap

    Individual Drain Wire: 22 AWG (.61MM) 7-strand tinned copper

    Communication Wire (Optional): 22 AWG (.61mm) 7-strand copper insulated with nominal .015″ (.38mm) orange PVC ( used in constructions 4 pair and larger)

    Cable Shield: .002″(.05mm) aluminum/polyester tape, 25% overlap

    Cable Drain Wire: 7-strand tinned copper, 2 AWG sizes smaller than conductor

    Outer Jacket: Flame retardant extruded fluoropolymer FEP with nylon ripcord under jacket

    Operating Temperature: -328F (-200C) to +400F (+200C) continuous

  • TEX/ALM/ALTEXTWK – [( 1 )] – [( 2 )] [( 3 )] – [( 4 – 5 )]

    1) # of Pairs/ Triads

    From 2 to 50 pair/triad (contact for larger pair counts)

    2) Wire Size AWG

    Available from 10  to 30AWG

    3) Add (F) for Stranded Wire

    Example: 20F = 20 AWG 7-Strand Conductor

    4) Pair or Triad Designation

    Triad – 3 conductor – black, white & red, numbered

    BX – 2 conductor per  – black & white, numbered

    5) TIN Copper OPTION

    Option: Add (TIN) to the end of Ordering code to specify tinned copper conductors.

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